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    I thought of Messi

    I thought of Messi

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    That’s good to know tho

    That’s good to know tho

  5. Frostbiten 2006

    For some reason it’s 12mins of absolute bullshit in the beginning of the movie. I don’t understand how that made it into the movie in the first place, it should have been cut, or even better, scratched from the script to save money. The beginning is slow and I didn’t think I would be able to finish watching it… then the movie turns into something very different and it doesn’t connect with the rest of the movie, even if they make a lame attempt to tie the two things together. There’s more humor in the end of the movie and when that humor appeared I don’t know, you want to have it throughout the story. The acting… I just refuse to believe that it’s THAT hard to find good actors.

    (Pike! Unfortunatly not in the movie Frostbiten)

    Some of the action scenes are just bad… work around and it and stick to what you know. It’s also obvious that they have seen Buffy more than once, I even think one of the characters is based on Paul Reubens… damn, I have to watch Buffy! I loved that movie as a kid… and Pike  was cute! I have to watch Buffy soon, I think I have the soundtrack somewhere…

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    Parents and computers…

    Parents and computers…

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  10. What I learned from “Frostbiten”

    • Don’t do unknown drugs
    • Don’t trust people from Norrland
    • Don’t even go to Norrland
    • Blame Ukraine