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  2. Gift of beauty… yeah yeah, maybe back in the days when you had to snatch a husband or die but this girl is a princess, she’ll get married anyway… stupid fairy tale crap

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  4. Penny watches “Gotham”

    I have to admit, I saw the trailer and thought, “Interesting idea, too bad about the cast.” 

    Instantly reminds me of a modern take on “Oliver Twist”, also, people running around on rooftops always do that crouch down stand, always. First rule of running on rooftops…

    Strange to see yet another version of the same scene you have seen so many times before. I have a feeling there will be a few flashbacks to this moment in the show perhaps.

    God, I hate myself… this scene was just so announced, boo!!  Here’s the hero and this is why, saves “damsel in distress”, only surprise is that the scene did not end with a one-liner.

    Just not on this show… the sun never shines in Gotham.

    Yeah, I’m sorry…

    This isn’t Baltimore and you’re no Pembleton

    Feels like they are trying too hard, to be over the top is a hard thing and not everyone can do it. Most things are feeling forced at this point.

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